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Hair Extensions


What to Expect


  • Request consultation

  • Receive + pay consultation invoice

  • Pre-visit email consultation

In person consultation

  • Color matching

  • Pricing

  • Deposit + Booking



  • Recap consultation

  • Prep hair for service

  • Custom coloring

  • Custom install

  • Blending + Styling

  • Review maintenance + after care

  • Pre-book maintenance appointment

  • Take home special gift from me + watch your email for a follow up!

The Method

The "track" (or "row") is created with aluminum micro-beads and thin cotton thread. The micro-beads are lined with silicone to cushion and protect your natural hair. This track is what the actual extension hair is sewn to. The placement of your row is custom to your head shape to provide the most natural movement

The Hair

I only use 100% human hair which ensures that it will behave and style exactly like your natural hair and is made with European cuticle hair. This means the cuticle (the protective outer layer of the hair strand) is intact and laying in it's natural direction. This ensures longevity and the best possible experience in mimicking natural long hair. These smooth, seamless wefts lay flat against the head so your extensions can remain your little secret. I custom order the perfect color blend for each guest and custom color each weft to guarantee the best color match. With proper home care and maintenance routine your hair extensions will last 9-12 months before needing to be replaced.


Maintenance + Care

Extension Maintenance
  • Only use brushes designed for extension haircare. When brushing, hold one hand on the base of the extension, start brushing at the ends and work your way up to the top.

  • Brush out all tangles before showering.

  • Wash with the approved extension safe shampoo and conditioner, ideally no more than twice per week. You have twice as much hair, so rinse twice as much. Product build up can cause matting.

  • Rough dry with fingers or air dry 80% before smoothing out with a brush the last 20%. Remember to be gentle! DO NOT blow dry your hair upside down as this will cause severe tangling.

  • Blow dry the top of the weft so it does not hold moisture for an extended period of time. Never, ever go to bed with wet hair. This will cause premature slipping of extension hair.

  • Oil the ends of the hair daily. I recommend Kevin Murphy Young Again oil.

  • Sleep in a loose, low braid or pony tail. Silk scrunchies are recommended.

  • When swimming, wet your hair with a spray bottle and coat your hair in a conditioner/leave in conditioner/mask and wear in a braid or loose, high bun. Shampoo and condition your hair as soon as possible after swimming.

  • When applying sunscreen, make sure your hair is completely up and out of the way. Only use chemical free sunscreen, such as Bare Republic. Most sunscreens contain Avobenzone and Oxybenzone that can cause the extensions to turn a brassy pink/peach color which CANNOT be removed. Protect your skin AND your weave!

  • Make sure no tanning products touch your extensions as it will stain them.

  • Hard water, salt water, and chlorine can strip both natural hair and extension hair of color. Avoid when possible and use a shower head filter if necessary.

  • As your hair grows, the weft attached to the beaded row will move further away from your scalp along with your own hair. This creates tension on your natural hair. It is necessary for you to return every 6-8 weeks for maintenance appointments. Failure to do so may result in damage to your own hair. Please keep in mind that the proper maintenance schedule can vary for each client depending on hair type and not everyone will be able to go past 6 weeks

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